Born in Kyoto, Japan 1973
Graduated from Osaka University of Arts

Chigusa Muro makes visual images in various ways.
Setting quiescence images into a frame, she weaves the unique sense of flowing time, abstracting the boundary between reality and imagination.

Solo Exhibitions
1999.10. “melt away” AD&A Gallery, Osaka
2002.6. “It’s up to you” CASO Gallery, Osaka
2003.6. “Duo” Street Gallery, Kobe
2003.8. “Telepathy” Gallery sowaka, Kyoto
2005.12. “Line” GalleryYamaguchi Kust-Bau,Osaka
2006.9. “Behind the Eyes” Osaka University of Arts,Osaka
2007.2. “Behind the Eyes” IF MUSEUM Innerspaces,Poznan,POLAND
2016.11. “A Blank in Layers”  Lumen Gallery,Kyoto

Selected Group exhibitions
1996.3. “UITEN” Blue Nile Gallery, Osaka
1997.4. “Art Move” Kobe Art Village Center, Hyogo
2002.8. “Video Library 2002” Gallery sowaka, Kyoto
2003.8. “Video Library 2003” Gallery sowaka, Kyoto
2003.8. “Sound,Dance,Visual” Kobe Art Village Center, Hyogo
2003.11. “W cieniu eliwy i na ostrzu miecza. WspoIIczesna sztuka japonii”
Arsenal gallery, Poznan,POLAND
2004.2. “W cieniu eliwy i na ostrzu miecza. WspoIIczesna sztuka japonii”
Program gallery, Warsaw,POLAND
2004.6. “Under Trial” CASO Gallery,Osaka
2004.7. “Tokyo-Newyork” IF Museum Inner Spaces ,Poznan,POLAND
2004.9. “Mokrydeszcz” With Tomek Wendland(Poland),Gallery sowaka, Kyoto
2004.11. “stay with art-kyoukaisen” Hotel T’Point,Osaka
2005.4. “Ura Art Map” Kyoto Art CenterKyoto
2005.11. “East Wind – West Wind” Shanghai Creek Art Center,Shanghai,China
2008.4. “schon-shan” KunsthalleFaust,Hannover,Germany 
2010.5. ”Mediators “The National Museum Of Warsaw,Warsaw,Poland
2016.6. “Kakureta Niwa “Iwakura Jikkouin,Kyoto

Short Video works
2008.7. ”Slider-DVD“ TAKASHI WATANABE,onpalabel, Berlin,
(“general pause”Chigusa Muro)

▶︎2010~2016. Collection Image Movie For Fashion Brand ”NINP

Video&Stage effect
2000.2. ZLVZX Vol,9 “cosmos” TORII HALL, Osaka
1999.12. ZLVZX Vol,9 “cosmos” KOMABA AGORA THEATER,Tokyo(Video)
2003.1. Dracom “Green” AI HALL, Hyogo
2001.11. Dracom “Dynamics of GUDAGUDA” Wing Field THEATER, Osaka
2004.11. ZLVZX “SADO” DORAMA-KAN,Tokyo

Special Effects
2012.7. 『Miroku』(Directed by Kaizo Hayashi),Assistant of Takashi Ito.

IF Museum Inner Spaces ,Poznan,POLAND