Movie will speak! 2021


Thought and trial of the streaming era

2021, Jan 15th Fri. ~Jan 30th Sat. 
12:00~18:00(closed on Monday)

★The art works on this exhibition can be seen online.
★Live stream A held while the exhibition period, will upload later.

<Live stream on YouTube> 
▶YouTube Live streamA:2021, Jan, 17th Sun 18:00 p.m.~
Live stream broadcasts by exhibiting artists

YouTube Live streamB:2021, Jan, 29th Fri TBA
Akito SENGOKU×Tatsunori IMAMURA, Chigusa MURO, and more
Live performance by exhibiting artists  
*Broadcast technical operator: Yuiho UMEOKA

In 2020, we had attacked by the unpredictable virus, COVID-19. Our life, behavior, thought, as well as, communication is now faced to re-think. 
A whole way of exhibition and presentation had to change its shape of way. And now, in this situation, video media (online) take the main part of our life.
So, I call out the artists working on the media art in long term and requested creating “ the media art for streaming by streaming” which is based on the idea of grasping “media streaming ” as an experimental media. Then, I decided to hold the exhibition Movie will speak! 2021 in the space of galerie16.
This plan is linked to the exhibition at 1969 “Movie will speak!” at galerie16. This exhibition was an aggressively experimental plan as it was composed of artists not major in media art for pushing their boundaries of expression with video media, the latest media in that time. The late Shoji MATSUMOTO was the lead artist of such exhibition explains that ” This is the exhibition of presenting our artistic thought by video media.
In response to the 1969 “Movie will speak!” in January 2021, discovering the expressive possibilities of media streaming, which is exactly the latest media for artists.
Invite artists to join online, to come up with ideas for their thoughts and trials of recent streaming video interactions, once again face-to-face and non-face-to-face communication formats for the exhibition, also the relationship between artist and audience. Finally, wants to consider together inventing a new relationship between arts and films, because of this era.

Keita HAYASHI+galerie16 (planning)


Solo Exhibition in Kyoto


CHIGUSA MURO Solo exhibition
「Shadow Collection」
12:00-19:00 [ Closed on Monday &Tuesday ]
Kousagisha Gallery

  • I’ ll have a Closing event on 20th from 17:00 to 22:00.
  • Charge:¥1.000(including 1drink+admission )



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